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Frequently asked questions

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Q. Will my section be ready to build on at title?

A. Yes all sections provide a flat platform for building. All sections have power, water, fibre and wastewater to the boundary. Note that some sites will require a wastewater pump and all sites require a stormwater retention tank up to 15,000l


Photo taken from Portobello Road

Q. Do I need to build within a certain time-frame?

A. No, but empty sections must be well maintained and once construction starts, it must be completed within 15 months.

Q. When are titles expected?

A. Titles are now issued for all sections. Construction by stage one buyers is imminent.

Q. Who is involved in the development?

A. Patterson Pitts (Dunedin) Ltd are the surveyors. Geosolve are the geotechnical engineers and Clearwater Civil Ltd are the lead civil contractor. All are highly reputable in their fields and they have a strong background working together on projects such as this. You can expect a high quality end product on completion. The developer is Matt Keown whose recent work includes the successful Moraine Rise subdivision in Lake Hawea.

Q. What is the Ground Water Mnanagement system?

A. All sites have been designed by a geo-tech engineer and are certified as being suitable for building. A ground water management system has been put in place and is operating successfully. The aim was to capture and expel ground water to provide confidence for ground stability. An engineered counterfont and centrefugal drainage system has been placed underground at depths in excess of 2-3m on some of the upper sections (lots 1, 2 and 18-22) to capture any ground water and release it into the storm water system. These sections may require additional foundation design such as a suitable concrete slab. Lower sections have some deep drainage in excess of 6m but have no effect on foundation requirements. Click here for drain layout on the upper and lower sections. The drainage system prevents ground water build up to provide confidence in ongoing land stability under what appears to be more frequent heavy rain events..


Q. Can I put in a retaining wall? 

 A. Yes, if you wish, standard building rules apply and where the uphill slope rises above 1.5m from ground level specific engineering design and building consent will be required. Geo-solve Dunedin can advise.

Q. Do I need a storm water retention tank?

A. All households will require a 15,000 litre storm water underground retention tank. This is not specific to this site, but is fast becoming a council requirement throughout New Zealand to manage stormwater under a principle called "Hydraulic Neutrality" where pre development peak stormwater flows cannot exceed post development flows.

Q. What if I buy a section on a Right of Way?

A. Owners of sections that share a right of way will responsible for the maintenance of that ROW. The ROW surface will be asphalt so there should not be any need for any maintenance for some time. In addition the combination of DDC rules and covenants allow building 2.5m off the ROW as opposed to 4.5m from sections facing the road boundary.

Q. Is there a minimum build size?

A. No, but rules around completion, temporary accommodation and occupation will be enforced.



Photo taken from Portobello Road

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